You can buy DBD tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart with the stablecoin Tether (USDT.) BitMart has close to $1 billion in 24-hour trading volume with over 350 trading pairs including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and XRP.

Buying DBD is simple and smooth using Bitmart. You can buy DBD with the stablecoin USDT in three steps.

Step 1: Go to BitMart’s Market page

Navigate to Bitmart using

You can either click “Trade” in the center of the screen on “Markets” on the top left to go to the markets page.  

Step 2: Select the trading pair

Once you’re on the markets page, you’ll see a lot of things going on. Don’t worry, buying DBD is just one step away. In the top right corner, you’ll see a search bar. There, type DBD and you’ll see the following trading pair: DBD/USDT. Click on this pair.

This will open up the chart, orderbook, and market trades for DBD/USDT.

Step 3: Buying DBD

In the bottom part of the screen, you can see three options: Limit, Market, and Limit Maker. Here’s what they mean:

  1. Limit: This allows you to set the price at which you want to buy or sell DBD tokens. Once you set the price, the buy or sell order will execute only when the amount you set is met. You can use this if you don’t mind waiting to execute the order at a preferred price. 
  2. Market: This allows you to buy or sell DBD tokens at the market price. Whatever price tokens are trading at will be the buy or the sell price. You can use this if you want to immediately execute the order at the current price.
  3. Limit-Maker: This is a mix of the limit and market order. It ensures your order is the maker order i.e. an order made by the trader rather than taken by what the market decides.

For the sake of this example, let’s go with the Market Order.

In this order, the price is automatically decided based on the best market price.

You can either select the amount of USDT or the percentage of USDT you hold in your wallet. In order to go with the amount of USDT, type it in “Total.” For instance, in the example above, we’ve entered 100 USDT. Or you can select 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your USDT balance to buy DBD.

Once you’ve entered the amount, click “Buy.”

And that’s it. The order is placed!

Once the order is executed you will get a notification and DBD tokens will be deposited in your Bitmart wallet.

What can you do with your DBD tokens?

About Day By Day DAO

Day By Day is reimagining insurance with DeFi and NFTs. This will be the first of a kind blockchain-based insurtech platform. Our successfully released Web 2 business management platform and asset registry mobile app will connect to our Web 3 insurance DAO and take insurance to a new level of trustworthiness and transparency.

Our Day By Day DAO solution will comprise of an insurance marketplace which will connect insurers and buyers to insure real world assets using NFTs(for policies and assets), while investors will have the opportunity to take advantage of DeFi type investing (i.e staking).

Day By Day is not a competitor for insurance companies, but rather the enabler to promote insurance products, provide access to new customers and facilitate insurance transactions.

The Day By Day platform is supported and driven by the DBD Token which will be used for:

  • Decentralised insurance transactions (premium payments, claim payments)
  • Powering the Insurance DAO (governance)
  • Resolving premium accuracy
  • Income for investors via DAO staking and claims pool liquidity investing
  • Insurer and investor risk management
  • Rewards for the community