This is a simple and quick guide on how you can stake DBD Tokens on our Staking Platform and earn high rewards.

Step 1: Go to our Staking platform

You can find a link to our staking platform here. You can find all the information about Staking such as APY, start date, maturity period, etc. on this page.

Click on the “Stake” button. This will take you to our Staking Pool.

Step 2: Set the amount of DBD Tokens to stake

On our Staking Pool page, make sure you connect your wallet. You can find the “Connect” button on the top right. Connecting your wallet is essential to stake DBD Tokens in the pool.

Now, click on the “Stake Now” button.

This will show you an “Amount to Stake” field where you can type in the amount of DBD you want to stake. It will also display the number of available DBD tokens in your wallet.

After you have entered the amount, click “Submit Stake”

Step 3: Sign the transaction

A confirmation screen appears on Metamask which asks you to sign this transaction on the blockchain. Click “Sign”.

Your DBD tokens are now staked on the DBD Staking Pool and earning you an incredible 65% APY! You can claim the rewards once the maturity period is complete.

About Day By Day DAO

Day By Day is reimagining insurance with DeFi and NFTs. This will be the first of a kind blockchain-based insurtech platform. Our successfully released Web 2 business management platform and asset registry mobile app will connect to our Web 3 insurance DAO and take insurance to a new level of trustworthiness and transparency.

Our Day By Day DAO solution will comprise of an insurance marketplace which will connect insurers and buyers to insure real world assets using NFTs(for policies and assets), while investors will have the opportunity to take advantage of DeFi type investing (i.e staking).

Day By Day is not a competitor for insurance companies, but rather the enabler to promote insurance products, provide access to new customers and facilitate insurance transactions.

The Day By Day platform is supported and driven by the DBD Token which will be used for:

  • Decentralised insurance transactions (premium payments, claim payments)
  • Powering the Insurance DAO (governance)
  • Resolving premium accuracy
  • Income for investors via DAO staking and claims pool liquidity investing
  • Insurer and investor risk management
  • Rewards for the community