The DBD Token

DBD is a utility token to be used on the Day By Day platform.


These are the ways you can earn and use DBD tokens as an Insurance NFT owner, insurance customer or both!

DAO Platform Governance

Claims Settlement

DAO Staking

Invest in Underwriting Pools

NFT Policy Ownership

CEX/DEX trading

Earn DBD for Registering Assets

Stake and Earn

Mint Day By Day NFTs that earn you Bonus Premium Income

Multichain Tokenomics

Binance Smart Chain


For a more detailed breakdown of our tokenomics, read our whitepaper.


Where can I get $DBD?

DBD is currently available on BitMart and QuickSwap. We have plans to list on more exchanges soon.
Have a listing offer for Day By Day? Contact Us.

Where can I stake $DBD?

You can stake $DBD on the Polygon network at for up to 70% APY!

For anyone in the community who staked $DBD on the Ferrum Network in early 2022, unstaking begins at 2pm UTC on 14th July 2022 here.

What pairs are available for $DBD?

DBD/USDT is available on BitMart

DBD/MATIC is available on QuickSwap

What is $DBD’s Contract Address?

You can find Day By Day’s contract on Polygonscan here. 10,000,000 DBD were bridged to Polygon from the Ethereum Mainnet.

How can I add $DBD to my Metamask?

Great question! We’ve written up a whole blog post about it here.