Covid-19 Business Support

Protect your business assets with the Day By Day asset management platform
Free access to the Day By Day Platform until May 31st 2021

'The team at Day By Day knows that many companies and their employees have had to rapidly adjust the way that you work and many are now encouraging employees to work from home in response to Covid-19. Whilst this has been a huge effort in business continuity planning, not only to enable the remote workforce but ensure that everyone remains connected and is able to keep running the businesses.

We are also acutely aware that companies now face the new challenge of tracking previously fixed assets, which are distributed across various locations in employees' homes. This presents a potential insurance risk, requiring you to maintain and track the company assets in a very different way. It is more important that even to ensure that if damage or loss does occur at an employee's premises you can quickly make a claim for the relevant asset/s and vitally keep the employee connected during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

At Day By Day we want to do our part and in a small way help the wider business community to solve this potential insurance problem, so we are offering FREE access to the Day By Day Asset registry platform until May 31st 2021 to enable you to register any business assets, helping ensure that your assets are protected during this challenging period.

So what does this mean for my organisation?


From Large corporations to sole traders and Insurance Brokers we’ve got you covered with complete free access to the DBD Platform until May 31st 2021.

Keeping a record and capturing assets is very easy to do.  All assets registrations are done via your phone. Simply take a photo and tag an asset description with the ability to record additional detailed content.



What do I need to do now?

For Businesses with Employees

With several employees working from home, DBD provides the perfect platform to ensure all business assets are captured, protecting you in an easy and secure environment.

  • Receive a DBD Business administrative account to manage and view employee asset uploads.
  • Each of your employees will receive their own linked account to register any business assets.
  • You will receive full access to the business assets being registered.

Register DBD for Business Here

For Sole Business Traders

For any small office and sole traders simply download the DBD app to your phone and start registering your assets.


Download DBD here