Day By Day (DBD) is the brainchild of Asta Solutions, a specialised IT firm based in Melbourne and a leading Blockchain developer. Asta CEO, Bill Angelidis tells the story that the idea was spawned from two separate water damage incidents in the Asta Melbourne office, which resulted in not only significant equipment damage but some prickly conversations with the insurance providers that resulted in significant delays to business operations.

Yet rather than be downtrodden by such events, Bill saw an opportunity ahead. You see, whether it be a flood or car crash, death or divorce, dealing with an insurance company is an unavoidable and often less than pleasant experience.

Bill’s experience was similarly turned, and then it clicked. The team would investigate ways to reimagine insurance and build a platform to sit it on the blockchain. So from the ashes of a couple of floods, the idea of DBD was born!

Just what is DBD?

DBD is an asset registry management platform built on the blockchain, servicing the insurance industry. Its aims to help its member’s catalogue and register their assets and valuables so that when they need to make a claim they are able to easily prove ownership, eliminating under insurance.

DBD also provides a white labelled solution to insurance brokers enabling them to offer a value added service to their customer base.