Open the Day By Day App
Choose asset category from -> Appliances, Artwork, Electronics, Furniture, Jewellery, Plant & Machinery, and Tools
When adding: Add Proof Of Ownership (a receipt or check) Name of the asset Category (see above) Purchase price Date of purchase Attachments (proof of use, ownership, damage, etc.) Attributes (Identification, and details) – can add new identification by clicking the + icon Any notes
Save: Asset Created. You’ll receive 4 DBD tokens for registering your assets.

How To Register Your Assets On The Day By Day App:

Asset registration on the Day By Day app is easy. It takes less than one minute to add an asset. You can register a range of assets from machinery to artwork. And you will be rewarded with DBD tokens for every asset registered.

Let’s go through how assets can be registered on the Day By Day App in four simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Day By Day App

You can download the Day By Day App from the Google Play Store here or the Apple App Store here. For more information on the app, check out our website.

You will receive 20 DBD tokens as a welcome gift once you sign up!

Day By Day App – dashboard after signup

Step 2: Choose Category

Once you’re in the app, adding an asset is easy. Click on the “ADD ASSET” option on the dashboard.

Before you enter the details of the assets, you have to select a category:

• Tools 🛠

• Artwork 🖼

• Furniture 🪑

• Jewellery 💍

• Electronics 📱

• Appliances 🎛

• Plant & Machinery 🎰

Day By Day App – Add An Asset Category list

Step 3: Add Details
Once you’ve selected the category, you can add details about the assets — ownership, value, and identification.

Day By Day App – Add An Asset Proof of Ownership and asset details screen 
  1. Ownership: Under “Add Proof Of Ownership,” add a document to prove you are the owner of the asset. This could be a receipt, bill, cheque, or any other ownership document provided by the retailer. You can either take a photo of this or choose one from your phone’s gallery.
  2. Value: Under “Purchase Price” add the amount you paid to own the asset. This amount should be reflected in the above document as well. In addition to the price, you will have to mention the date of purchase in the YYYY-MM-DD format.
  3. Identification: Under “Attributes” you can mention identifiable traits of the asset. This could be:
    • model name
    • serial number
    • colour
    • custom markings (stickers, indents, etc.)

Day By Day App – Add An Asset attributes screen

You can click the ➕ icon to add additional identification points.

Be as precise as possible when mentioning identification traits. This makes it easier to tie the asset to the owner and prevents any malicious activity. You can add additional details under Attachments. This could show you using the asset or additional documentation like warranties, service requests, damage proofs, etc.

Step 4: Save Your Asset
Once you’ve added the details, make sure you double-check the key points like receipts, purchase price, and date of purchase.

After a quick check, hit “Save” and you will be redirected to the home screen.

Once the asset is saved, your home screen will show:

Day By Day App – Dashboard after asset added

→ Total Assets insured as 1 → Updated categories → Increase in DBD Reward points

Start Adding Assets On The Day By Day App Now
For every asset you add on the Day By Day app, you will earn:

2 DBD for each asset registered, and
2 DBD for adding proof of ownership to an asset
These rewards can be used on Amazon, Bunnings Warehouse, and David Jones in Australia and New Zealand. We will soon be adding more retail outlets to use your DBD Rewards.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know how to add assets on the app, start insuring your phones, computers, gaming consoles, and everything else. And start earning DBD Rewards!