Proving ownership of any asset is a necessity for all insurance claims, with the Day By Day (DBD) App you can capture images, receipts, warranty information and important documentation such as maintenance reports, so proving ownership will not be an issue.

The broad insurance landscape is often difficult to navigate, and claiming on insurance can be an equally-challenging process, especially when the unexpected arrives. Post-disaster recovery is hard enough, so here are some helpful tips to help ensure that your insurance claim is a smooth and relatively painless process.

    1. Ensure that you contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.
      From a peace of mind perspective, this is imperative as it will help you deal with your loss and change more quickly and efficiently.
    2. Document the reason for your claim.
      Taking photos and recording videos should be a priority to help you gather information for commencing and justifying your claim.
    3. Keep receipts of costs incurred.
      If you find that you need to spend money (e.g., towards temporary repairs), speak to your insurance provider again. Keeping receipts of all costs incurred is also a valid part of this process.
    4. Keep your damaged items on hand to be assessed?
      If your claim involves damaged items, just thrown them.  Be sure to have your insurer assessor view and asses them.  They will be able to instruct the best course of action and next steps in having your items repaired or completely replaced.
    5. Ensure you are satisfied with the claim process
      If you are unsatisfied with how your insurance provider dealt with your claim, ensure that you act upon it. This may involve lodging a complaint or looking for a new provider.