Day By Day (DBD) provides Insurance Brokers with an easy to manage platform, enabling brokers to offer their customers an easy to use asset registry built on blockchain technology. DBD can be offered to your customer base as a white labelled branded solution.

Day By Day Broker Portal

Managed by the DBD Broker portal, the platform delivers an avenue to engage with your customer base whilst providing them with a solution in reducing the risk of under insurance and a means to streamline the claims process.

Some of the exciting benefits to the broking community are:

Customer engagement – The broker portal provides you with real time data on your customer assets and gives you a proactive reason to engage with your customers around adequate insurance levels and coverage.

Expediting the claims process – With an up to date asset registry that contains all of the relevant data. Customers will have immediate access to all of the required information and at a press of a button and the information be shared with you directly, expediting the claims process for a better customer experience.

In built rewards program –Your customers will have access to the integrated DBD rewards points program, where your customers will receive reward points for engaging and updating their asset details. You will also have the ability to buy rewards to points to give to customers for incentives, referring customers or renewing their policy with you.

White Label – The DBD platform can be rebranded with your company’s brand providing a value add tangible solution to your customer base, while reinforcing the value your business bring to your customer