Insurance from Web2 to Web3

World’s first insured asset management SaaS platform built on Blockchain technology.

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Web 3.0 Day By Day Insurance DAO

Insurance from Web2 to Web3

Web 3 Day By Day Insurance DAO

A world-first asset registry at your fingertips

We’ve developed an app to help you self-manage and prove your assets to simplify claims.

Advanced thinking for ultramodern solutions

We’ve used leading-edge technology to rethink how insurance can work better for you.

Straightforward processes for a fast-paced world

We’ve created real-time insurance management that keeps up with you, day by day.

Putting you in control of what’s yours

We’ve reimagined insurance for today, putting you back in charge, not your insurer.

Blockchain Powered

Asset Management Software

Visibility and protection. The Day By Day platform enables you to manage your users/clients insured assets to ensure that you have accurate insurance premiums, easy claims processing and insured asset details like never before. Imagine the possibilities.

3 Quick Easy Steps

Peace of mind for individuals

The Day By Day Free App allows you to easily register your insured assets and valuables eliminating the risk of under insurance, rewarding you for your use and helping you manage your insurance claims when you need to.
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If you’ve ever needed to prove ownership or provide evidence of an asset or valuable in order to settle an insurance claim then the Day By Day app is for you.

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