Asset Management Reimagined

World’s first asset management platform for the insurance community built on Blockchain technology. Day By Day (DBD) empowers insurance brokers, individuals and businesses to manage their assets and valuables in an easier and more secure environment than ever before.

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Asset Management Platform built on Blockchain

DBD delivers peace of mind with an easy to use asset registry built on Blockchain technology. A solution that assists in reducing the risk of under insurance and streamlines the claims process as proof of ownership is easily achieved from within a secure and trusted platform. 

App Features

Proof of Ownership

Proving ownership of any asset is a necessity for all insurance claims. DBD App can capture all documentation in one place.

Asset Register

A consolidated place to hold and manage all of our asset information in a highly secure location, with 24/7 access to your asset details.

Expediting the claims process

With an up to date asset registry that contains all of the critical documentation, quicker claims settlements can happen.

Tokens and rewards

Recieve DBD reward points for engaging with the app regularly, reward points can be redeemed for various items.

Insurance coverage

By registering and cataloguing your assets, we take the guess work out of the value of your asset holdings.

Blockchain Security

Incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record, not just financial transactions, but anything of value.

Ensuring you have the right amount of coverage

DBD has been designed to assist you in properly cataloguing and valuing your assets and valuables.  This provides peace of mind as you will be able to determine the cost in replacing each item, and to accurately determine the right level of insurance coverage.

Blockchain Security

Why is it considered revolutionary?

  • It’s decentralised
  • It’s transparent and trusted
  • It’s difficult to change and modify
  • It’s always on
  • It’s highly secure
  • It’s streamlined
  • It allows for faster transactions & settlements of services


DBD the innovative platform that allows you to easily register your assets and valuables via our unique and customer friendly app, eliminating the potential of under insurance while having your assets registered in Blockchain secure environment like no other product currently in the market.


DBD provides your customers with an easy to manage platform that encourages the cataloguing and registering of assets and valuables. Delivering an avenue for you to engage with your customer base whilst providing them with a solution in reducing the risk of under insurance.

Get the App

If  you’ve ever needed to prove ownership or provide evidence of an asset or valuable in order to settle an insurance claim then the DBD app is for you.