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Day By Day is a World-First decentralised insurance platform. Using NFTs and DeFi, you will be able to create, use and own hyper-personalised insurance for your real-world assets.
Day By Day reimagines insurance to be transparent and fair using blockchain technology. Our asset registry app, InsureFi platform and DBD tokens work together to give you better visibility and control over your assets and insurance.
Day By Day’s future of insurance gives the power back to the people, allowing members to invest in managing risk and be rewarded.

The Insurance Problem


Day By Day is disrupting the $6.2Bn insurance industry for assets.


Our solution removes the need to pay for admin costs, lengthy claims processes, and provides a personalised solution for the 85% of people who are underinsured.

Market Gap


Lack of Transparency and Trust


Day By Day Products

Day By Day InsureFi Marketplace & Stake DBD
Day By Day Asset Register App
Day By Day Dashboard

Emerging Technology

Day By Day is enabled by blockchain technology to provide real-world insurance that is transparent, fair and cheaper.

The Day By Day Solution


DBD Staking

NFT Insurance
Policy Creation

NFT Insurance

Q3/4 2022

Contents Insurance

Get Insurance

Claims Solution

Underwriting Pools (DeFi)

Q1/2 2023

DAO Governance


DAO Staking

Treasury Management

Q2/3 2023

Explore ASX Listing and  future business opportunities

To be Developed:

Get Health Insurance

Get Car Insurance

Get Strata Insurance


Our Team


Bill Angelidis

Founder & CEO

Anna Bezhenar

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Montoya

Chief Technology Officer

Evis Zenios

Strategic Growth Advisor

Renee Chung

Product & Marketing


Shi Yan

Backend & Blockchain Developer

Faisal Fiyyaz

Android Developer

Ningran Li

iOS Developer

Thomas Bibby

Blockchain Developer

Tengyun Jiao

Front & Backend Developer

Zack Zhong

Blockchain Developer

Jerry Jariwala

Blockchain Developer

Advisory Board

Stephen Conroy


Lee Cooper

Insurance Industry


Karen Cohen

Blockchain Industry


Scott Wilford

Sales Director and

Insurance Industry Advisor

Scott Wilson

Commercial &


James Peltekis

Creative Influencer

Andrew Bidese

Marketing & Strategy

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